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General Enquiries

If you have any queries relating to your daughter or the school, please contact Ms N Bridge at

If you would like to discuss any SEND requirements in detail please contact:

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding or welfare of a student, please call our school office or email Ms E Smith (DSL) at 

If you would like to discuss any Careers enquiries please contact Ms S Barrett at

We have appointed a data protection office (DPO) to oversee compliance with data protection and our Privacy Notice. If you have any questions about how we handle your personal information, you can contact the DPO using the details provided below.

Our Data Protection Officer is Judicium Consulting Limited.

Judicium Consulting Limited

72 Cannon Street

London EC4N 6AE

T: 020 3326 9174



Year 7 Pastoral Team Contact Information

Year 7 Group Staff Member Email
Head of Year 7 Ms T Mattison-Weekes
Deputy Head of Year 7 Mr B Asihene
7A1 Austen

Tutor - Miss O Erodotou

Co-tutor - M McGarrigle

7A2 Austen

Tutor - Miss M Wilde

Co-tutor - Ms E Parkin

7C1 Curie

Tutor - Ms R Bailey-Hogg

Co-tutor - Ms M Chaudhri

7C2 Curie

Tutor - Ms J Doe

7K1 Kahlo

Tutor - Mr M Williams

Co-tutor - Ms J Hamilton

7K2 Kahlo

Tutor - Ms A Marcelis

7P1 Parks

Tutor - Ms L McNeillie
7P2 Parks

Tutor - Ms S Rogers

Year 8 Pastoral Team Contact Information

Year 8 Group Staff Member Email

Head of Year 8

Ms V Nosa-Oviasu
Deputy Head of Year 8 Mr D Durant
8A1 Austen

Tutor - Ms J Mathurin-Thomas

8A2 Austen

Tutor - Miss E Bob-Manuel

Co-tutor - Miss L Tipper

8C1 Curie

Tutor - R Slator-Barratt

8C2 Curie

Tutor - S Islam

8K1 Kahlo

Tutor - Miss M Sellars

Co-tutor - Mr M Onakereru

8K2 Kahlo Tutor - Mr S Ahmed
8P1 Parks

Tutor - Mr W Sudjaitham

8P2 Parks Tutor - Miss H Khatun-Bari

Year 9 Pastoral Team Contact Information

Year 9 Group Staff Member Email 
Head of Year 9 Ms S Yap
Deputy Head of Year 9 Ms J Pickering
9A1 Austen

Tutor - Miss J Baggaley
9A2 Austen

Tutor - Mr M Rahman
9C1 Curie

Tutor - Miss M Adkins

Co-tutor - S Almajed
9C2 Curie

Tutor - Miss A Wilds

Co-tutor - A Karim

9K1 Kahlo

Tutor -  Ms H Barber
9K2 Kahlo

Tutor - C Christian
9P1 Parks

Tutor - J Ross
9P2 Parks

Tutor - Miss J Wilkinson

Co-tutor - I Merralls

Year 10 Pastoral Team Contact Information

Year 10 Group Staff Member Email
Head of Year 10 Ms J Jarvis
Deputy Head of Year 10    
10A1 Austen

Tutor - Ms S Donald

10A2 Austen Tutor - J Allen
10C1 Curie

Tutor - Ms R Porta

Co-tutor - Mr A Boyd

10C2 Curie

Tutor - Ms M Gillespie

Co-tutor - Ms S Griffin-Payne

10K1 Kahlo

Tutor - Mr K Gormley

Co-tutor - Miss B Salim

10K2 Kahlo Tutor - Ms N Orridge

10P1 Parks Tutor - Ms L Almond

10P2 Parks Tutor - A Akintimehin

YEAR 11 Pastoral Team Contact Information

Year 11 Group Staff Member Email
Head of Year 11 Ms T Alejo
Deputy Head of Year 11 Ms P Simms
11A1 Austen

Tutor - Ms J Stamp

Co-tutor - Ms E Jahan

11A2 Austen

Tutor - Miss S Barrett
11C1 Curie

Tutor - Mrs Z Drysdale

Co-tutor - Ms R Sachdeva

11C2 Curie

Tutor - Miss N Weston

Co-tutor - Mrs S Poudel

11K1 Kahlo

Tutor - Miss E Wright

Co-tutor - Ms L Osbourne

11K2 Kahlo Tutor - Miss Z Hodgson
11P1 Parks

Tutor - Miss K Gillingham

Co-tutor - Mrs A Johnson

11P2 Parks Tutor - Miss S Lyle

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