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Character Building

Here at Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls, we believe it is of the upmost importance to develop the character of our students, so they become confident leaders of their own lives.

When students leave our school in Year 11, they will have grown as individuals who are empowered with a sense of agency to achieve any future goals to the best of their ability. On top of this, students will have developed the appropriate confidence and manner to guide and support others in their community to lead their lives well.

We strive to develop three main branches of our students’ character as shown below:

Interpersonal Character Emotional Character Intellectual Character
Developing character skills within our students that relate to form good relationships and communication between people Developing character skills within our students to enable self-growth. Developing character skills within our students to encourage a curiosity and open mindedness about the world.
Key character traits: kindness, leadership, consideration, empathy, reliability. Key character traits: resilience, optimism, self-awareness, self-discipline, motivation, charitable. Key character traits: open-mindedness, logic, curiosity, courage.

All students in the school benefit from a comprehensive form time and PD curriculum tailored to ensure students become informed, active, and responsible citizens. As well as this, all students partake in five drop down days throughout the year; each of which focus on developing a different aspect of our students’ character. Additionally, students across the school can apply for positions of extra responsibility such as being a Founder, a Community Champion, or a Poly Parliament MP. All three of these enrichment opportunities embed in students our pillars of leadership, excellence and resilience; thus, building admirable character in individuals.

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